Thursday, 14 February 2013

Half Dozen Pick

Thankfully the snow yesterday was short lived, and here in Cleveleys we've even had sight of some sunshine this morning!  We've checked the forecast and think we might have seen the last of the really bad stuff (there, we've said it now!).  That's not the most exciting thing, though.  On this day, we've so many new books released that we barely know where to start.

Following on from last year's immensely successful Street Cat Named Bob, James Bowen has adapted the original book into an edition aimed specially at young people of secondary school age.  Included are eight pages of adorable photographs of Bob on some of his adventures.  This heart-warming and thoughtful true story shows how lives can be changed in just one moment.

After the popularity of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Deborah Moggach returns with Heartbreak Hotel, a delightfully witty tale of Myrtle House, a somewhat forlorn B&B located deep in rural Wales.  Buffy has just moved in from London, and to give his new business a niche appeal, embarks on 'Courses for Divorces.'  There are certainly a few surprises in store when Buffy's clients embark on single life once more!

When her plane is delayed overnight, Gaby Struthers finds herself forced to share a hotel room with a stranger: a terrified young woman named Lauren Cookson - but why is she scared of Gaby in particular? Lauren won't explain. Instead, she blurts out something about an innocent man going to prison for a murder he didn't commit, and Gaby soon suspects that Lauren's presence on her flight can't be a coincidence. Because the murder victim is Francine Breary, the wife of the only man Gaby has ever truly loved.

Tim Breary has confessed, and even provided the police with evidence. The only thing he hasn't given them is a motive. He claims to have no idea why he murdered his wife ...

We all hide things, some more than others...Mia Channing appears to have an enviable life: a beautiful home in the village of Little Pelham, a happy, stable marriage, a job she enjoys and three grown up children to whom she's devoted. But appearances are deceiving; the truth is that it's all a precarious balancing act. When the family gather for her son's thirtieth birthday, Daisy, her youngest daughter, drops a bombshell in the way only Daisy can.

Once again Mia finds herself cast in the role of peacemaker. It's a role she's tired of, particularly since her husband refuses to believe he's responsible for the problems they're facing. Not surprisingly, Mia longs for escape.

For Owen Fletcher, buying the Hidden Cottage was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and provides the perfect escape for him. When Mia meets him, she must decide whether she has the courage to do something for herself for a change. And if she does, can she ever go back to the life of compromise she had before?

The two day diet is a simple, effective way to lose weight, developed by Dr Michelle Harvie and Prof Tony Howell at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention in Manchester.  Its basis is to eat normally but sensibly for five days a week, whilst controlling what you eat for the other two.  As well as general information about the diet, this book contains meal planners and 100 recipes to try.  The authors will donate all their proceeds to Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention.

The latest in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series is also out today.  In 12th of Never, whilst a serial killer wakes from a two year coma, a professor approaches Detective Lindsay Boxer to report a murder that hasn't yet happened.  What is going on, and will Lindsay be able to stop a disaster before it takes place?

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