Friday, 31 May 2013

E-books at Look into Books!

Wait!  I can buy eBooks from Look into Books now?

Yes, that's right.  Simply buy a special eBook card from the shop for any amount of your choosing between £1 and £250.  Then, simply log on to the web site.  On there, you'll find every eBook you could ever wish for.  Another great thing about the tokens is you don't have to plug your card details into the web site, so there's no risk of any hackers or other unsavoury sorts getting their hands on your bank account information.

Can I use my eBook token to buy eBooks for any device?

You can use these tokens to buy eBooks for most ereaders, smartphones, computers, tablets and to be read online.  You can't use it to purchase books on Amazon for kindle.  If you have a kindle fire with a magic app, you can buy eBooks from here.

What are the benefits of eBooks?

Ever had a case of Simply Too Many Books?  Shelves buckling under the strain of your collection of Terry Pratchetts and Lee Childs?  You want to buy more lovely books ... but you've no space and it would involve - gasp - getting rid of some of your old treasures and you just can't possibly bear to do that?  With eBooks, you can fit oodles* of your favourite books onto one slim, handy device.  Ever been on a long train journey to Milton Keynes**?  Of course, you want to take your book with you.  If you read quickly, you might even want to take more than one book with you.  With an ereader, you can take as many books as you like, and War and Peace needn't weigh you down any more than The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Also, prying eyes won't know if that's really Fifty Shades of Grey that you're reading.  Although time was when you couldn't have eBooks and support your local independent bookshop at the same time, now you can do exactly that!

Okay, I've bought an eBook card and used all the funds on there to buy loads of eBooks.  Now there's no money left on there.

No problem.  Simply bring the card back into the shop, and we can top it up again.  As many times as you like.  Just like that!***

But I already have a National Book Token Gift Card, but it isn't this new eBook sort, and I'm feeling a bit left out.

Don't feel left out!  You can still go along to the web site, and use it to buy eBooks on there in exactly the same way, just as if it actually were an eBook card.  Great, hey?

I have an eBook card, and eBooks are great, but on this occasion I would like a normal book that's made from paper.

Did you know that you can still buy traditional books with your eBook card, even though it has 'eBook' written all over it?  You can!  Just bring it into the shop and spend it in the same way you would an ordinary book token.  Could anything be easier?

Wow, now I just can't wait to get started.  Do you have any recommendations for me?

There are always book recommendations on  And don't forget to keep checking the Look into Books blog for news of our book of the week.

*scientific term
** or, indeed, anywhere
*** apologies to Tommy Cooper

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