Monday, 11 March 2013

Book of the Week - F1

It's Monday, it's cold, but it's sunny and we have a new book of the week.  As we start a new Formula One season this weekend (Karen is beside herself with excitement), our book of the week is the Official BBC Sport Guide to Formula One 2013.  It's the world's best-selling Grand Prix handbook, with details of all the circuits and a run down of every race last season.  We'd love to be able to bring you a picture of the cover, but the publicity shots are all of an earlier version, depicting Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren overalls, and that was designed at a time when the publishers were obviously anticipating Fernando Alonso winning the drivers' championship.  The cover of the actual book is more accurate, and nicer.

We're ready for many books coming out later this week, including new novels by Jeffrey Archer and Andrea Camilleri, amongst others.

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